Medicare Health Plans

For Medicare beneficiaries, there are Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans. Representing some of the most cost effective companies, we can find the coverage to complement your Medicare or get you covered through a private company with an Advantage plan.

Medicare Supplements will cover most of what Medicare does not pay. The standardized plans allow you to compare and choose what fits your budget and medical needs. If you already have a supplement plan, we should check to see if there is a plan that can save you on premium. Many carriers have reduced their premiums over the past few years. It costs nothing but a few minutes to shop for a better deal.

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Medicare Advantage plans cover everything under Parts A and B of Medicare. These are offered through private insurance companies. Most have additional benefits that Medicare does not cover. The extra benefits can be dental or vision, or transportation to and from doctors visits. Part D prescription plans are often included as well. These plans typically have low or no monthly premium. Medicare Advantage plans are available by specific service areas. We can check and see what is available in your area to help you.

If you are a senior with little or no life insurance, we can get you a final expense plan. This can add to the coverage you have, be an inheritance, or help your loved ones when they need the funds most.

It would be my pleasure to meet you about your Medicare coverage options!



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