Long Term Care Plans

Many people think Long Term Care is just for payments when you are in a nursing home. This is only a small a part of what the policy can do for you. Today’s plans can help with home services (shopping, meal preparation, etc.) and funds when in an assisted living community. Many services covered will allow you to stay out of a nursing home for as long as possible. LTC coverage can make sure you do not have to have family members to care for you. This can be of great relief to everyone. LTC policies can also allow a return of premiums paid if the plan is not used. There may also be the need for LTC coverage during your life following a major accident or serious illness when nursing care is required.

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The younger you are when you purchase a plan, the less expensive it will be. It is also important you get coverage when you are healthy as illness may keep you from qualifying for any plan.

LTC insurance can also be covered by life insurance. Many people will add Long Term Care riders to their life plan. This way the benefits are there if needed and is a little cost if you never use the plan.

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