Life Plans

Life insurance is extremely important! It can help replace the income of a “bread winner” or provide cash to help a family deal with final expenses. This can also be a powerful savings tool, producing cash values that can be used in retirement, for college funding or in the event of a catastrophic event (cancer, heart attack…). I DO Insurance represents many companies allowing me to customize a plan to meet your financial goals and needs. Life insurance is not just for the final benefit anymore. You can make this an important part of your financial wellbeing!


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Types of coverage:

  1. TERM Insurance – Term plans are just that. They provide insurance for a specific amount of time. Let’s say you have a mortgage, or young children with a need for college tuition, this need has a specific amount of time you would like to have financial protection. A term policy is perfect to cover this type of need. Plans have terms of 10, 15, 20 and 25 years (and some custom terms too). Term plans are the least expensive insurance, but the plans do expire. Some policies can start out as term and can be converted to a permanent policy allowing you options as your needs change.
  2. PERMANENT Insurance – These plans are the “whole life” variety. A permanent policy will have a benefit at the end of the insured person’s life. A permanent policy can also allow you to build “cash value”. This feature is quite valuable as the savings grows “tax-deferred”. I have plans designed to build cash with “market-based” accumulation and if the market happens to drop, you will not lose any of your credited savings. By building savings in a policy, you can have access to your money at any time need it
  3. I DO Insurance has plans that offer:
    • Free Scholarships for Children
    • Tax-free retirement savings
    • Benefits for help with life-changing events (cancer, heart attack, stroke…)
    • Single policy to cover 2 lives
    • NO-TAX penalty to use cash values at any time
    • Flexible premium payments
    • Disability income riders
    • Final expense plans that guarantee coverage (no health exams)
    • Long Term Care coverage riders
    • Their are many ways to help you in different situations. CONTACT me so we can put something together for you!