Health Care Plans

Supplemental and Short Term Health Plans

Health plans are in the news. With the Affordable Care Act, many folks are finding that their new coverage has larger deductibles and co-pays. This can be challenging when you were used to your old plan. You may be between jobs and need a plan that is affordable and temporary. I DO Insurance offers Indemnity plans that will pay cash to you to help with those higher deductibles and co-pays. A Short Term Medical plan can be used to make sure you are not caught without insurance while waiting to get on your new employer’s policy. Both of these options can be inexpensive and provide coverage when you need it.

I do insurance

Just getting an Accident Plan can help with cash to cover your emergency visit or to pay for things when you miss a few days of work.

Some of our health plans include:

• Hospital Plans
• Accident Plans
Six- to 11-Month Short Term Health Plans

• GAP Coverage (Multiple-Coverage Plan)

• Critical Illness Plans

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