Disability Income Insurance

I DO Insurance offers disability plans to insure your income , should anything unfortunate happen. If you get sick or get involved in an accident, let our disability insurance plan save you from stressful financial problems. We search for a policy designed for your situation and budget.

I do insurance

DI Protection

With disability income protection, you receive payments to cover vital bills that just keep coming whether you are working or not.. Disability plans offer benefit payments from six months, to years, or up to the age of 65. So, let us look for a plan that fits your budget and needs to protect your income. We feature the following plans:

• Flexible Coverage Terms (Benefits for Sickness or Injury)
• Guaranteed Premiums
• Guaranteed Insurability (Increase Coverage as Your Income Increases)
• Waiver of Premiums
• Accidental Injury Protection
• Coverage to the First Day of an Injury
• Return of Premiums
• Flexible Benefit Start Dates


Protect your most important asset, YOUR PAYCHECK!

Contact me now to set an appointment regarding your disability income needs.


I do insurance


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