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In working with small businesses, there are specific areas of concern to most owners. I DO Insurance found a great number of businesses have a Simple IRA set up for themselves and employees. While these plans do offer simplicity in their operation, they limit how you can care for key employees and yourself with retirement savings. Changes in the tax code in structure of 401(k) and other retirement savings plans, the owners can put together plans that benefit the most important employees. If you have not had a plan review, we can provide a NO COST look to see how the new plan structures will benefit you the most.

Whether you are looking for a defined contribution, defined benefit or a profit sharing plan, let I DO Insurance offer a free plan design to show what you can do for your company and staff.

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These days the health insurance environment is changing. To keep in line with past costs, owners are finding the plans they can offer have higher deductible and co-pays. To help your employees cope with the new costs, you can offer voluntary benefits (accident, hospitalization, critical illness, disability income,…) to your current slate of benefits. These policies can help your people manage the new costs by receiving direct cash payments for covered health events. As a bonus, you will have a richer benefit package to attract and retain employees that does not increase your costs. If these plans are offered pre-tax, the business can enjoy payroll tax savings!

What we do:

  • Custom 401(k) and retirement funding plans
  • Group disability income policies
  • Group life insurance plans
  • Indemnity plans to cover – Accidents, Critical Illness, Cancer, Hospitalization
  • Let’s have a sit down to discuss how you want to take care of your employees. Then, we will design a solution that is cost effective and valuable with the best carriers available.



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